Saturday, October 23, 2010


I am sitting in a coffee shop in Minneapolis right now, putting off some things I actually need to do by looking through pictures from Bots.  Of course I break into tears in public again (this happened at another coffee shop 2 months ago after I had a chance to Skype with my beloved Brenda and see some of the children from the Lorato House of Love).  I miss Love Botswana so alive, did the Lord put a burden on my heart for the place and the people there.  Anyway, thought I'd share some of the pics that did me in:
This was after spending a few hours with Mma Sibingole's family.  The little ones changed into their best clothes for us.

Painting sweet Lesego's nails.  
New Years Eve, waiting with Mmapula for the fireworks to go off at church
Andrew.  Good memories from Thanksgiving with all the missionaries.
The ladies who kept me sane my first 3 months
At the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children's Party last December
Again, at the OVC party.  These kids have such a hold of my heart
Omaatla on his 11th birthday :)
My favorite Brenda at our "Christmas in April" party
And of course, my sidekick Mason.

Now, there are many more pictures that really got me going...but they're of our children at the House of Love, and I'm not allowed to make those public.  I sure do miss spending time with Oli, Kgosi, Bonolo, Maduo and Rose, though.  
So, I needed to take a look at one picture that would for sure cheer me up...
Hahahahahahaha!  Ah, I never tire of this one


  1. I like that you're still writing. Keep it up. :-)


  2. I enjoyed your pictures, especially the last one! I love you Ashley!

    1. Bwahahahahaha Brenda, thank you for reminding me of this. Provided a solid laugh just now :) Love you!!