Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 2 at Little Kwara

The next morning, Roger and I woke up at 5am (or so), had a lovely breakfast around a campfire, and then off we went to find cheetahs!  Our guide had heard that there 3 of them (they call them the Three Brothers) about an hour away from camp.  As we drove over there, we came across a few cool things:
An elephant femur!
A hyena!
Tons of zebras, and we were able to walk up to them!
The Three Brothers!

We spent a while watching the cheetahs in the morning, then made our way back to the camp.  On the way back we saw more giraffes and elephants
Look!  Two elephants!
When we got back, we had brunch, rested by the pool, and then had tea time.  When the food came out, so did the monkeys...they stole our food!  Here's one:
After tea time, we met up with another safari camper who just arrived.  He was an old French man named Roger!  He was a riot...we definitely hit the jack pot when it came to truck buddies.  Since he wasn't there in the morning to see the three brothers, we went back that direction.  Right away we came across an elephant and some zebra.  The elephant mock charged us!!  He started out 30 meters away and stopped 10 meters away.  I think all 3 of us thought we might die at that moment.  Steve held his (our) ground, and the elephant just got mad and stomped off

As we were driving back over, the sun began to set.  It definitely made for some beautiful scenery!

I have approximately 100 pictures of the cheetahs, and not enough patience to go through them all to pick my here are a couple:

After watching the cheetahs for about an hour or so, it was time to head to a watering hole for our evening tea.  On the way, we caught another beautiful African sunset.

Here were the hosts for our tea time:
I really wanted to get closer to the hippos, but Steve wouldn't let me go on the other side of the car...he caught me trying to sneak around it and shooed me away.  Probably a smart move on his part.  Here's a pic to give you an idea of where we were in comparison to the hippos:

After tea time, we flew down the rode back to the camp.  We drove as fast as possible for over an hour...and on the way it was completely dark out, with the sky filled with stars!  Thus ensued one of the best moments of my life.  Roger had his ipod along and gave me one of his earbuds.  On the way back we listened to Circle of Life from Lion King on repeat.  The whole way.  Then, again in the dark, we had a herd of over 50 zebras running along side us for a while, then passed elephants as they were heading into the woods to sleep for the night, and then finally were cut off by 4 hippos running in front of us on the road.  Amazing.  All while under the Africa night sky, listening to Circle of Life.  Seriously, between that and the mock charging elephant, this day had two of my favorite moments in my life.

When we got back to the camp, it was after 9pm and definitely time for dinner.  That night we had some crazy, intense conversation.  It was so of the staff there sends her son to OIS (the LBOM school), so we were talking about that for a bit.  Somehow the conversation turned from a debate between public and private education to whether or not it's ok for a man to abuse/kill his partner if she had cheated on him.  It was nuts.  I've heard the entire time that I've been here that it is somewhat accepted that men can react in an abusive manner in these situations...but to actually hear it from the mouth of a Motswana man was an entirely different thing.  I wanted so badly at one point to jump across the table and punch him in the face, but I kept my cool :)
The next day, Steve apologized for the things he said and did thank me for staying so calm and level headed during the discussion...I guess I hid my feelings pretty well!

Anyway, that's it for day 2!


  1. Your pictures are amazing, Ashley!! I am blown away! And I am sooo jealous that you saw cheetahs. That was one animal that I really, really wanted to see.

    I'm sad that you guys were sick, but glad you were able to enjoy the trip anyway! I miss you!!

  2. Woman! Awesome pics! Do a Shutterfly book (or tow, or three) of your time in Africa. A) you'll be glad you did. B) you don't have to scrapbook it then (and who wants to be one of "those" women ;-) and C) they'll be easy to show people.

    Just a thought, Woman.

    Love ya,