Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day at Mma Sibongile's House (Round 2)

One of the highlights we had as interns was being able to spend an entire day with a Motswana family.  I wanted to give the same kind of experience to this group of interns (plus, I definitely wanted to do this again myself), so I lined up a day for us to spend at Mma Sibongile's home.

The morning was a bit hectic (missing car keys [not my fault this time] and missing container keys [also not my fault] put us behind schedule a bit), but it all worked out!  The gals had a great time getting to know the family, learning how to cook some of the traditional foods (seswaa!  samp and beans!), and playing with the kids.  Soo even got to use her nursing skills when we discovered that one of Mma's daughters had a severely infected cut on her ankle.  Hurray for Soo!

Anyway, we had a wonderful day, and ate way more than any human ever should in one sitting.  But not only did we have a wonderful day, but we also had a great night.  Somehow we made room in our stomachs to head over to Sports Bar for some Fried Ice Cream and Cookie Crumbles...yum!  Needless to say, I think the girls are now sufficiently stuffed for the weekend.  

I have uploaded some pictures from the day on my facebook site.  Feel free to check them out here.
Oh, and Tando is looking at his thumb because I had just painted his nail hot pink.  I had brought along some nail polish for Lesego (one of the little girls), and everyone wanted me to paint their nails.  Especially the boys.  It was cute- they just came up to the table and laid their hands on it, patiently waiting their turn.  I just painted 1 finger for each of them, but they loved it.  Silly boys :)

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