Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Beginning of Roger and Ashley's Adventures in Botswana

I just experienced 17 of the best days of my life.  It was so wonderful to have Roger out here!  He was supposed to arrive on Wednesday, February 10th at 3pm, but his flight was delayed.
His plane!  It's here!
It was only delayed by a half hour, granted, but those thirty minutes dragged on way too slowly.  I was pacing back and forth through that little airport like a crazy person, and when he arrived, I hardly knew what to do with myself.  I am sure that you can imagine how amazing it was to be reunited after 10 months!  Here's a random story from Rog's trip out here:

From Kuwait, he flew to Dubai.  From Dubai, he flew to Jo-burg, and from Jo-burg to Maun.  While I was waiting for him to arrive, I ran into 2 church members (Mrs. Roy and her son Kamal) who were waiting for his family to arrive from India.  Turns out, they traveled with Roger from Dubai, on.  When Roger saw me hugging the kids (who also go to the school I taught at last year), he gave me a funny look and chuckled when he found out the connection.  Apparently the kids were quite loud on both flights and misbehaved a lot.  Amita and Abishak were pretty excited to find out that they traveled with my husband :)

So, Wednesday evening Rog got to meet Ms Pat and the Lackey kids (they were the welcome wagon about 30 minutes after we got back to the plot).  I LOVED seeing him interact with those kids!  He brought presents for them from Kuwait, and Mmapula was calling him Uncle Roger from the get-go.  Ms Pat was just pleased as punch to finally meet him; they of course all loved him.  That night, Rog was also able to meet Dietra, Brenda, and Olisego.  Oli was crazy about him; the entire time he was out here, whenever he was in the Baby House, she would perk up.  Even if she was in the other room and she heard his voice, she would sit up high with a huge grin.

We spent most of Thursday just relaxing and resting at the plot.  He got a chance to get a tour of the school, meeting the kids and teachers.  We happened to come across the reception/standard 1 kids while they were on their break time at the playground.  Let's just say that the kids adored Rog.  I looked over at one point and saw 2 kids trying to climb on his back, while 2 others were each on a leg and he was trying to pick up a child while 2 others were grabbing his arms.  I started cracking up, and then nearly doubled over when Mmapula screamed excitedly over to me, "HE'S OUR OWN PERSONAL JUNGLE GYM!!"

Friday morning, Rog and I flew up to Little Kwara, which is a safari camp on the Delta in the Moremi Game Reserve.  Thus began the 3 best days of our lives...

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