Friday, October 16, 2009

Aaaaaaand We're Back!

Internet!  Water!  Power!  We have it all!!!!  These past two weeks seem to have been times of trial and testing for everyone here on the plot.  Consider yourself blessed beyond all measures that you can walk over to the faucet and turn on water; you can keep your house/office at a comfortable setting; you can easily communicate with pretty much anyone you want to.  We are constantly being reminded to not take the little things for granted.  As soon as our water came back, the internet went down.  Power is pretty hit or miss here these days, which isn't a huge deal, but it gets so hot!  We need our fans!  Fortunately, that doesn't ever last too long (except one circumstance when it was out an entire day).

Things are going well out here.  I am still just adoring my placement (working with the little kids every morning).  We have swimming class every Wednesday, and two of the little boys were terrified this week.  They were actually in tears and saying they wanted to go home, so I worked individually with them while Mr. Tsepo worked with the rest of the class.  After a while, little Darren (while swimming on my back) suddenly yells out "I'm number one!"  He LOVED it.  He also let out a bunch of "woo hoo!"s and "Miss Ashley, I LIKE THIS!!"  Afiwa ended up enjoying it too, and the next day they were both asking if they could go swimming again. So cute :)

Today is the presidential election day, so it's a national holiday.  I was so excited to finally sleep in for once (maybe, just maybe until 8am), but of course I was awake before 6am.  I made our housemate Keturah work out with me, since that poor girl woke up at 5:30am.  She's leaving to head back to the states on Sunday...we're going to miss her! 

I've been blessed with the opportunity to use a nice pool to relax in during the hot, hot afternoons this week.  What a treat that is!  It feels like an oasis back there.  Amazing.

Oh, good news.  Dietra and I now have new beds with mosquito nets.  No more restless nights, no more worrying about what kinds of bugs are going to get you...fantastic :)

please don't mind the mess...we just took the room apart to get the beds in there.  Theresa says that our new beds are princess-like..I say that you have to do covert operations to get out of bed. 

Ok, off to eat dinner and then head out to Fire By Night!  It's a good day, people.  A good day.

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