Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a good day (despite no water and still being sick)!


That's right, peeps. I'm learning Setswana. Get used to it. In fact, I am about to head off to my second class in just a few minutes. Since the internet is working at the moment, I thought I'd let you know how today went.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was the substitute teacher for the Standard 2s today. It was a great morning. They are learning multitplication and division, reading comprehension, cursive handwriting, and French (I did not try to teach French, don't worry). Miss Jenny left some assignments for them to work on, so I figured it would be a fairly quiet day. Nope :) They sure kept me busy! We had fun, though. I taught them how to play Thumbs Up, 7-Up (or is it Heads Up, 7-Up?), which they loved. It was cute; they were literally jumping up and down with excitement and couldn't stop grinning. One of the kids said to me, "Miss Ashley, I wish you were our teacher every day!" I'm sure they would say that to pretty much anyone, but it still made me feel good.

Now I am hanging out back at the house, resting up a bit. Then off to Setswana class, then a quick dinner, then church tonight.

Oh, I decided that I am now going to post my favorite quote from the kids each day. Today's winner is Prince (ADORABLE boy in Standard 1). "Miss Ashley, did you brush your teeth this morning?" "Yes, of course. Did you?" "Nope!!" (as he runs away smiling). what???

Hope ya'll have a great day!

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