Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cobra Sightings and More from the Weekend

Well, I finally saw my first snake out here!  Unfortunately (fortunately?) it had been killed by the guards earlier that day.  It was a spitting cobra!  It was well over 5 feet long- probably close to 6 feet.


So, yeah, these guys are on our property.  You better believe that Dietra and I have been wearing boots ever since we saw this guy.

Yesterday (Saturday) we spent our morning doing prison ministry.  This is one of my favorite forms of ministry that we do out here.  The men are so sincere and so sweet.  We all love it.  Even when the internship portion of my time out here is completed, I plan on continuing with this ministry. 

In the afternoon we participated in evangelism ministry for the first time.  This is something that is definitely not my calling or my gifting, but it was a wonderful and amazing experience, and very helpful training for next weekend's trip to Etsa 6 (the branch church).  Four people came to the Lord!  We saw 3 of them in church today- we hope to see all four of them next week (well, actually in 2 weeks, since next week we are out of town).

Ok, my battery is about to die.  Working on your computer in a restaurant isn't ideal, but boy, am I thrilled to have this option.  I hope you're all doing well!  Pray for this dang internet to get fixed on our plot!

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