Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Caroling and Mmapula's Birthday Party

What a day!  My goodness, it's been a great but tiring one.  The day started at 9am when I left with Ms Pat to get the church kids ready for Christmas caroling in town.  We were allowed to bring 20 kids (and roughly 20 have been coming to practice for the last 6 weeks, give or take a few).  The day of?  45 kids show up.  It's a lot of fun to tell kids they aren't allowed to go Christmas caroling.  Lots of fun.  We had to limit it to that number based on actually many things: we couldn't control more than that, the council only approved for us to take that many kids, and the business owners we talked to about caroling outside their stores were told that this would be the number we were taking.  Well, since we're softies, we ended up taking about 27 kids along, and that's only because we literally could not fit one more person on the bus.  So, we went caroling in 3 different parts of town on what was possibly the hottest morning of the year.  Ever get sunburned while Christmas caroling?  Cause I have.
We were hoping to finish around noon today, but actually didn't until a little after one.  When we got back to the church, we discovered that a storm had taken down the tent AGAIN.  It is so important that a permanent structure is put in place; it's really getting ripped apart.  I feel so bad for the pastors as they have to put up with this time and time again.  I want to say it's the 3rd time in the past 4 weeks that it's been torn down.
I got home a little after 2pm, then approx 7 mins later I was out the door for Mmapula's birthday party.  She turned 6 on Wednesday :)  We went to a new chain restaurant in town that just opened last week called Wimpy.  They have the BEST milkshakes!  Yum!  Anyway, it was a fun party (although I did stay busy watching over the kids).  Ok, today's heartbreaker?  A boy from the local shelter came to the party.  He's 10 years old, lives there alone, and has permanent scars on his back from abuse.  I sat with him for a good chunk of the party, just talking, laughing, and coloring with him.  He is one of the sweetest boys I have ever met.  It took every single ounce of my willpower to hold the tears back today.  Heart is broken.  I want to take that child home with me and just love on him for the rest of his life.
After we finishes at Wimpy's, we went on a game drive at the Tree Lodge!  I didn't have my camera with me!!  We saw giraffes, zebras, kudu, elands, etc. again--and so close up, too!  Very fun, but still somehow quite tiring.  We got home around 7pm, then went over to the Lackey's to go swimming.  Played water volleyball, played another game that I am obsessed with that doesn't have any name other than "THE game," then around 9pm crawled home.
It was a great day; I would definitely say the highlight was meeting that little boy.  Talk about someone who is going to stick with you for life...

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