Saturday, December 5, 2009

Crazy Busy Week, but Oh So Wonderful

So, it turns out that the last week of the Missions Immersion Internship Program and the first week of said program are quite similar.  You work non-stop, you go to bed more exhausted than you thought was humanly possible, and you get to eat lots of great dinners with all the other missionaries.
This was an incredibly hectic week, but it was fantastic.  I have been wanting to update my blog every day, but have run into the same two problems...lack of time and lack of internet.  Well, I finally have both!  So, here we go.

Starting with Sunday (now that I think about it, I should probably split this up into a few separate blogs)...
Sunday was a good day. The guys had gone out to Etsa to visit our branch church one last time before going back to the states, so D and I had a girls weekend...which was interrupted several time, but we enjoyed it nonetheless.  After church and discipleship, we had about an hour to rest and then went to town to pick the guys up from the bus stop.  When we got back, we headed over to Brenda's house for some games for a bit, then got an opportunity to do some kurios shopping in Kevin and Sarah's yard.

They have a friend from Zimbabwe who sells these, so it was treat to have him come by.  That night we made dinner for the Witts (we have weekly Sunday night dinners with them, and this was our last one) and enjoyed some delicious  blended hot chocolate/coffee treats.  I am definitely planning on mastering that little concoction.  Yum!

Sarah and Andrew enjoying the fruits of Kevin's labor

Oh, and there was some excitement that night...I saw my first LIVE branded cobra!  It was just a little guy (maybe about 3 feet long?), so I wasn't too nervous about it.  So, I have discovered something about myself out here. No matter how much I hate a creature (bugs, snakes, monitor lizards), I don't want them to die.  In fact, earlier that day, Andrew and I held a funeral for our buddy Freddy the Dung Beetle who sadly lost its head somehow.  Needless to say, I didn't enjoy having to hold a flashlight on our little friend while it was being bludgeoned to death.  Ish.

Ok, now brace yourself.  This is disgusting.

Ew.  After.

So, that was my Sunday!  I will be back to blog about the rest of the week.  Sala Sentle! (means "stay well!") 

[ed. note.  I want a nicer way to end this post.  Here is a cute picture of Andrew who wasn't feeling very well that night]

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