Thursday, December 17, 2009

General Update

So, the past couple of weeks have been slightly uneventful, with the exception of the snake and the Christmas Party.  After the other interns went back to the states, I moved into Kevin and Sarah Witt's house (they are on furlough in the states through April).  It's a lovely home, and I have air conditioning.  I never want to leave the house!  I am also cat sitting for them.  Here's the thing- I have terrible cat allergies, but God has blessed me.  I don't seem to be allergic to Bubba.  I actually like this cat, too!  She is very cuddly...I am worried that I am turning into a crazy cat lady now.  When I come home after working in the offices all day, I'll sit and tell Bubba about my day.  I don't live with Dietra anymore (and I really miss her!), so this cat is the only company I have on a consistent basis.  Fortunately, all the missionaries on the plot live within a 3 minute walk of each other, so it isn't hard to find people to hang out with.

We're still doing game nights and movie nights.  I feel like I am doing a lot less ministry right now than I had been during the internship, but that's because the town kind of shuts down for the month of December.  I know it will pick back up considerably starting in January.  I have been able to continue with ministry at the church through discipleship and children's church.  I will probably start to be much more involved with children's church than I was before; this past Sunday we had 250 kids there (the original 235 that I had been telling people was the number of kids at the beginning of the service- more trickled in throughout the morning).  They need more helpers there, so I am going to step it up.

I have been spending my days working on end of the year communication pieces for LBOM.  Even though this isn't something I love doing, I am glad that I have the background in this area and can help them with something they desperately need.  As Jana says, it's my labor of love :)
Today is the last work day for the year; it will be fun to have the next couple of weeks off!  I hope to do some  fun things like go canoeing down the Delta or horseback riding.  Maybe I could even go to a Game Reserve!  I still need to see elephants.  And lions.  I want to see lions.  I may have to go to the Kalahari to see those, though.  Doubt that will happen!  Maybe when Roger comes to visit...

I keep looking at the weather forecasts for MN- it boggles my mind that I am somewhere that is 100 degrees warmer than what people back home are experiencing.  Have a great day!  I am off to go play with a cat or something awesome like that.

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  1. I can see bubba is breaking the rules......she's never on the counter! :) ha! Glad you are enjoying her, she is an awesome cat!