Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blessing a National

As interns, we were given the challenge/assignment/opportunity to bless a national.  The one stipulation was that it had to be someone that we didn't already know.  We thought about who we wanted to bless for about a week, when all of a sudden it dawned on me.  There is a lady who goes to our church, works at our school, and had been to prison ministry once before.  Why not use this as a chance to get to know her?
We invited her and her family to come over for dinner this week.  She has 3 children and brought her friend that works with her.  I can't remember his full name, but his nickname is god.  When I looked at him in surprise, he smiled, pointed to the sky and said "not that God.  Little g."

So Monica, god, and the kids came to our place Wednesday night.  We decided to serve tacos, because we knew that was something they had never eaten before.  It was cute to watch the kids eat them; they didn't seem to believe us at first when we told them that they were supposed to pick them up and eat with their hands.  Once they did it, though, they just loved it.  I think they ate 3-5 tacos each (and they were from the ages of 4-9).  We had a blast with Monica and god; we played Uno for a good 90 mins I would say.
I just loved that day.  I look forward to getting to know Monica better and to serve along side her in ministry over these next few months.