Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, Roseau relatives and fellow Minnesotans, you would be pleased.  Oofta is officially a catch phrase in my class now. 
All day long I heard "Miss Ashley, oofta.  Guess which way I am using it now."  (they use is when they're hot, full, or tired.)

I have also noticed that the kids in general are starting to call me "Miss Ash" or simply just "Ashley."  Now, I don't mind that in the least, but it is very culturally important that they address all adults by Miss or Mr.  I think I have to start enforcing that in order to prevent any future problems they could have.

We also had a really good Bible study session today for A Heart Ablaze.  It really, in my opinion, was one of the "meatiest" teachings that I have heard in quite a while.  It was about God's grace...if you want to know more, shoot me an email :)

Oh, and jai ho!  Guess who got to watch Slumdog Millionare last night??? 

Have a wonderful day/night.  Blessings!

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