Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas Music and Demolition

Ok, so this is the blog post that I was working on this week, but my battery died before I could post it.  So, enjoy it as is, and I'll post another blog when I get back from games at Brenda's.

Hello!  Well, internet is down again at the plot.  It has been a month since we've had working internet at our house, and the internet at the office is pretty hit or miss these days.  So, I am back in town, sitting at Barcelo's, eating chicken and checking internet.  Glad to be able to do this, at least :)

We have had a couple of really good days.  Friday morning was spent in our placements as usual, and Friday afternoon we had work projects.  We usually hate this because they consist of us cutting ourselves up while making screens or putting in insulation in 100 degree weather with no air conditioning, but Friday's project was awesome.  I got to do demolition!  First time that I have ever done it, and I loved it!  I took out a shower in the new intern house.

Friday night we found ourselves listening to Christmas music for 2 hours, making hot chocolate, and watching Home Alone.  I think my system went into shock the next morning when I went outside at 8am and it was already 85 degrees out.  I miss MN weather!  Who would have thunk it?  I must say, I sure do love getting in the holiday spirit, but it isn't the wisest thing to do when you're in Africa alone.  It made me a bit homesick.  Oh well!  Power through!

Saturday morning we had prison ministry again.  We decided to use one of the lessons from our discipleship packet and had a lesson on prayer.  It seemed to go really well, and we hope that the men were able to really grasp what we were saying.  I look forward to going back every week; the men are so great to work with!  I strongly urge people back in the states to look into getting involved with some local prison ministry.  You wouldn't regret it!

Well, my battery is about to die, so I better wrap this up.  Have a great day!

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