Sunday, November 15, 2009

Girls Weekend!

I am a little shaky...a bat just flew in the house and flew right by my leg.  Ewwwwwww.  You better believe that I was under that bug net in less than 6 seconds.  Luckily the guys were here to kill it (although I blame them for the bat getting in our house in the first place).

So, Josiah and Brad were out of town this weekend; they went back to do more ministry in Etsa (the village we went to a couple of weeks ago).  Dietra and I plan on heading back out there when our internship is over.  So this weekend was girls weekend through and through.  So nice!  One of the boarders that I have gotten close with (Chao) finished up her exams on Friday, and is moving home this week.  We had a little slumber party Friday night to say goodbye.  So fun :)

Saturday, Dietra and I went out for prison ministry.  Oh, the weather was so wonderful that morning!  Cool and cloudy, with a slight breeze.  Since we have prison ministry outside, that is a huge deal.  I think the prisoners were very thankful for it too.  It's been so beastly hot lately that it's been very difficult to be outside for more than 5 minutes.  Oh, I must tell you something that disturbed me.  We had asked Mma Adjei if we could ever do communion with the men, and she said she would have to ask the workers at the prison.  The only times they do communion for the prisoners is if they are set to be executed the next day.  So morbid; so sad.  I didn't even realize that they executed prisoners here- the men seem to roam the area so freely that I thought this was just a low security prison.  Who knew?  

After the great ministry time, Dietra and I spent a few hours in town, enjoying coffee and shopping.  It was so pleasant!  I bought a big floppy hat and quickly discovered that it's one of the best purchases I have ever made.  It made such a huge difference with the sun!  I also bought cute and fun yellow shoes for less than $5 US.  Good deals all around!  When we got back to the plot, we went swimming for a couple hours, then took naps. 
We woke up at 6 and panicked, because we only had an hour before we had to be at boarding duties.  We still needed to make dinner (which takes a while out here!) and shower.  It all worked out- we just skipped the showers this time around.  When we showed up at 7pm, though, we were told that the boarders all had to study until 8pm.  Exams are quite a huge deal out here; the government pays for college out here, but you have to do well on these exams. The test scores will also determine what you study at the University.  If the government pays for your school, you don't choose what to study.  Needless to say, this is a stressful time for the students.  We came back at 8pm (after stopping at Kevin and Sarah's and getting treated to frozen coffee drinks!) and hung out with the boarders until about 10:30pm.  I really, really enjoyed it!  Honestly, I really haven't spent much time with many of the boarders.  There are some wonderful kids there.  D and I stayed up until almost 3am last night.  Such a bad idea.

Today was very chill.  After church we just did the normal grocery shopping, then came back and slept for four hours.  Whoops!  Hope I can sleep tonight.  In fact, that's where I am headed right now.  Love and blessings to you all! 

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