Friday, November 13, 2009

Life in Bots This Week

So today is already November 12th.  I want to say "where did the time go?!" but in all honesty, it definitely feels like I have been out here that long.  I can't believe how much we have been able to fit into 9 weeks here.  Lately we have still been staying as busy, but we aren't doing as many "new" things as we had been (for what I am hoping are obvious reasons). 

This week has flown by.  On Monday we were at our placements as usual, followed by Bible Study (really, check out Heart Ablaze by John Bevere. It is getting better and better).  That night we made brownies and watched While You Were Sleeping (thanks for letting us borrow that, Andrea!).  It is sick how quickly we ate that pan of brownies.  An entire pan was devoured by the 4 of us (ok, mainly me) in roughly 15 minutes.  I cannot wait to get another mixture for more.  So delicious.  Oh, I have a request for any care packages- Funfetti cake mix.  Sarah made us some funfetti cupcakes last week, and I was on cloud 9.  Ooooohhhhhh, what I would give for some cookies or cake right now...

Tuesday.  What happened Tuesday?  Placement with the kids in the morning (I like Tuesdays- I spend a good chunk of time one-on-one with kids from standard 3.  They are so sweet), then we had our second Mystery Ministry!  I love these!  This week we filled 5 5-liter jugs with cold water, then went to town to just hand some out to people.  This was a ridiculously hot day- easily way over 100 degrees.  We had an hour to do this, and were out of water in less than 10 minutes.  If we have time, we're going to do that again, but next time with about 12 of those jugs.  Tuesday night Dietra and I babysat Oli.  She is getting so big!  Highlight of the day though?  Getting a surprise care package from my cousin Justin and his wife Ashley.  I was over the moon excited- the food and coffee treats were things that I have been craving but hadn't told anyone about!  I was completely surprised by this gift, and I still feel so blessed.  Thanks again, you guys!

Wednesday- seriously, why can't I remember what I did yesterday? I went swimming with my kids like we do every Wednesday, but this time the water was blue!!  The pumps are working and it looked clean. So amazing.  Quote of the day came from Amita, after all the kids were sitting at the side of the pool: "Miss Ashley, do you get to stay in the pool because you are a teacher?  I can't wait to be a grown up."  Yep, definitely took advantage and stayed in until we absolutely had to go back to the classroom.  I really wish I had brought my camera to school that day.  One of the students was wearing a speedo.  What made it hilarious is that he is a chunky little guy.   Four years old, and his cute little stomach is so big that I doubt he can see his toes.  He was loving it.  Probably even funnier was that he couldn't figure out why the towel wouldn't tie around his waist.  Too good.  Later that day we had a couple of afternoon meetings, then had the night off.  I enjoyed spending time with some of the missionaries on site, just hanging out and laughing.  There are some wonderful people serving out here.

Today was a long day.  I spent the morning subbing again for the standard 4 class (like I did last month).  I love doing this; it changes up my daily routine and gives me a chance to get to know more of the students in the school.  They were a bit of a handful this morning, and I may or may not have told two boys who were arguing over who was more annoying that they were both equally annoying.  Oops?  Or is that ok?  Not sure.  They cracked up, but I felt bad a couple of hours later.  We'll see how they are tomorrow!  I am looking forward to it though; Friday is their swimming day.  Back to the pool for me!  This afternoon we spent a couple of hours working on screens for the new intern house, then I made spicy chicken chili for dinner (which I cannot wait to make for people back home!).  Tonight we had church (it was so windy that the tent was getting whipped around pretty severely- and it's not a small tent) and then I had a Skype date with the hubby.  That maybe was my highlight today; we are rarely able to actually talk, and it finally happened!  I am so thankful to have internet back at the house.

Some fun things around the house/plot:
  •  Bats.  We have bats in our house. 
  • Locusts are out.  Have you ever seen or heard these?  So gross and so loud.
  • Spitting cobra babies.  They're here.  In my neighbor's yard.  Fabulous.
  • I had a cockroach in my hair the other day, and was way too freaked out to get it out myself.  The only other person home was my roommate Dietra, who is terrified of bugs.  She finally found a DVD to swat it out with.  I am still shuddering....ewwwwwww. 

by the way, this is Winston, one of the loveable lugs here.  stinky little bugger, but I love the puppy

Ok, it's almost 1am, and my day starts in 5 hours.  I better hit the sack, since I just realized that I will only have about 2 hours off between 7am and 10pm tomorrow.  Whoops.

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