Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2

Ok, it's 8pm here and we are happy to be all sitting on our computers in the kitchen. These are long days, but Kevin and Sarah (our internship directors) told us that once we move into the regular schedule (about 2 or 3 weeks from now), things will slow down to a pace that is more managable.

Well, today was pretty cool. It's still just straight up orientation, but we got the tour of the mission. The tour was supposed to last 45 minutes, but it took 2 hours (keep in mind, it's a walking tour in the desert in the middle of the day). I can't believe how gorgeous this place is. When the directors started Love Botswana, they really had a vision for what they wanted it to be; and boy howdy, they have followed through. My jaw dropped when I went into the dorms that they have available for boys that are going to their Okavango International School. It's nicer than what's back home! I was so happy for the kids. It houses about 32 of them. The school is gorgeous, too. The theme of it is designed after the Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. They found out who did the welding of that hotel and asked him to do the work for the school- and he did. He ended up becoming a Christian while working on that project, and he is still working for Love Botswana today (6 years later). He really is a master welder. Pics to come; I promise :)

I found out today that we have a couple of fun trips ahead. Next weekend we are going bush camping (pray for my survival, please), and at the end of the month we are going to Namibia for 4 days. That's going to be our "adventure trip." I don't even know what that means, but I'm pumped.

We are learning recipes from the different missionaries here so that we can cook for ourselves from now on. Tonight we made beer batter bread and chicken chile. We're all pretty proud :)

Tomorrow we get to go to town for the first time. That should be an adventure! Hope you're all doing well.
Oh! We had our first African bug encounter in the house today. No worries- Josiah killed it.

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