Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Day of Ups and Downs

Well, it's 5pm here, and I just got done working out with one of the interns. I'm teaching him yoga (ha!) and he's going to help me become a runner. That part will take place in the mornings when it's cool. The yoga is a good de-stresser, so that's nice to do when we have our one hour breaks (when we actually get those) in the afternoons.

This morning I shadowed the assistant to the director of LB. This was a placement I have 0 interest in doing- I mean that's something I could do and have done in the states, and I am ready for bigger and better things. It really was tough to make it through the shift, though, and it was only 4 hours compared to yesterday's 6 hour shift!
This afternoon was pretty great, though. We met with the children's pastors, Matt and Kelly Clayton. They're a young couple who came to LB right after they got married back in January. They are also currently serving as the youth pastors and as teachers at OIS. They really have their hands full right now. We spent 2 hours with them, which none of us were looking forward to, but it turned out that was the best thing we could have done today. We are starting to get a little burned out already, because they are really keeping us busy at a pace that we're not going to be able to maintain. Right before the meeting with the Claytons, we were complaining about the lack of rest time that they are giving us, and that most days we're going from 7am until around 8 or 9pm, with just a few minutes here and a few minutes there off as "rest time." Matt and Kelly told us one of the biggest things we can do is to set boundaries...if we can't keep up that pace, we have to speak up. They also said the biggest piece of advice they could possibly give us is to pray more than we ever have before. Matt said that probably 12 times. PRAY. Dive into Scripture. Pray, pray pray. We need it here (almost) more than any other times in our lives. I say almost, because I can't imagine needing it more than I did the year after Jon died. It was great, though, to get the feedback and insight they gave us. Also, they said they could definitely use more help in children's church on Sundays. They had 170 kids show up to last Sunday's service! So, we're all going to get a chance to help in that aspect. I'm super pumped :)

Tonight we are heading over to babysit for the missionaries' kids. They normally have prayer time from 7-9, but a member of the congregation that everyone was close with died suddenly yesterday. There is a prayer service for his family that starts at 6pm, then they are heading over to their normal prayer. So, we are babysitting for 3 kids and 2 babies for about 3 hours. To be honest, we all just would love to actually have a night off. Oh well. Not gonna happen tonight...maybe someday.

Other than that, things are fine. We're spending tomorrow morning working to organize clothes and cribs and baby proof the "baby house." Should be a pretty simple day. I am very excited that my cousin Jacob is coming out tomorrow, though! Can't wait to see ya, Jacob!

Love to all.

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