Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still Alive...

Hello! I am going to preface this entry by saying that I am still glad to be in Africa. There.

We have been working 12-15 hour days all week, and that is going to continue. Exhausted may be too light a term to describe our energy level. Our day off should be in quotations, because we only get about 3 hours of free time in between all of the other lessons and ministry placements, and that stays full with cooking and laundry. Oh well. We only live once, right?

On to the good news! I have officially been placed with reception! Those are my little kids :) I LOVE them. LOVE. Our placements last from 8am (sometimes 7am for me) to 1pm. A couple of times a week I get to go swimming with my kids and the 2nd graders, so that will feel great when the summer weather starts up. They might still need me to help with some communications stuff, but I honestly don't know how that could fit into my schedule. No clue.

I'm sorry. As I write this, I am completely wiped out. We have worked 4 or 5 12-15 hour days in a row. Possibly more than that, but I can't think any farther back than Thursday. These are good days, and we're fitting a ton in, but sometimes it feels like it's too much. But again, we only live once, right?

Oh, I think that we did some hospital ministry this week. That's something that we'll be doing on a regular basis. We went to the pediatrics section, which was eye-opening. Almost all of the children...oh wait, I blogged about this already. Moving on :)

Thursday we had our morning placements, then spent the afternoon learning how to be hospitable and making biscotti, then went to church, then hosted a get together for all of the missionaries who had the energy to meet for coffee and biscotti. When I come back to MN I will make biscotti for anyone who wants to come over and hang out with me :)

Friday. What was Friday? Placement in the morning (again- LOVE the kids). Afternoon was work projects around the house. Thought that we were potentially going to die at one point when Kevin told us that we had to bring a bedframe downstairs by having Josiah send it over the ledge and having Dietra and I catch it. I actually was planning the lawsuit in my head as I was watching Josiah send it over the edge. We stopped him so that D could take a picture...when she gets a chance to upload it, I'll post it. So ridiculous. However, we survived and I lived to blog another day :) Friday night we had another Friday Night Fire with the youth group.

Today Dietra and I had to be in town by 8am to get some groceries for our day at Ma Spibongiles. She works at LBOM and she's Kevin and Sarah's "African Momma." She's so sweet. There are 14 people that live together at her house; it was quite the experience today. This was our chance to experience traditional Botswana. I spent a lot of time with her daughters, cooking in castiron pots and hanging with their kids. I now know how to prepare Seswaa and papa. I took about 100 pics today :) So many cute kids. We were at her place from 9am to about 5pm, then had to go to the boarders' place and supervise them from 7-9pm. We're now heading to bed, because tomorrow is another long day.

I have a ton of amazing pictures to add, but that will have to wait for another day. There are a few new ones here.

Again, I am happy to be here. Just have no clue how we can survive at this pace. Pray!!
Wait, one more fun's been raining here! Just sprinkles here and there, but rain! In fact, I had to wear jeans and a sweatshirt today. I feel like I'm back in MN :)

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