Monday, January 11, 2010

Children's Church Quote

So there is a set of 4 (maybe 5?) year old twins that go to the church, Shawn and Sheldon.  I've talked about Sheldon before, but haven't mentioned Shawn.  Yesterday at church, the boys wouldn't leave my side from the moment they got there to the moment they left...minus one 10 minute fiasco when they ran off into the field and wouldn't come back.  When they finally returned (being dragged out by one of the Sunday school teachers), Shawn came running up to me, apologizing because he knew that I was sad that he was disobedient.  He also headbutted me on my backside, and before I could even react he ran around to look me in the eye and tell me how sorry he was.  The boys were so cute though; the entire time they were around me, they had to be touching me.  If they weren't holding my hand or hugging me, they were stroking my arms or (very oddly) stroking my stomach.  I was told repeatedly, "I love you Miss Ashley" and then was told once by Shawn, "I really don't love you when you leave me."
Thanks, kid.

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