Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snake Update

Last night I had dinner at the Lackey's; afterwards I stayed a bit to play Candy Land with Mmapula.  As I was getting ready to head out, Jerry heard the dogs barking and told me to wait until he checked out what they were barking at.  He came running back, looking for a rake or shovel, because there was a cobra right by Jana's car.  He and the night guard were able to beat it to death, and then he brought it over to me to look at (I don't understand my fascination with the snakes out here; I really don't).  It was definitely the same kind of snake that has been appearing on my porch, so I am hoping that it's the same one and that I don't have to worry about snakes anymore as I am walking up my steps.

I am very thankful that Jerry stopped me from heading out, because the path I would have taken would have led me right to the snake.


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