Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today was a pretty calm day in every sense of the word.  The interns are shadowing different departments in the mornings this week, so I am free for about 4 hours every day to get things organized/finalized/etc.  No more running around like a chicken with my head cut off!  As little Darren would say, "I like it; it's niiiice."

Ah, speaking of little Darren...he is growing up so fast!  I stopped by the reception class again today, and that little boy is nothing but smiles and jokes.  He has possibly grown 1/4 of an inch since I first came out here, but he carries himself in such a way that it just seems like he's growing up.  So is little Ito; she and Darren were so cute last year.  They're the same height (just tiny little squirts) and used to walk around holding hands.  She used to be the shyest girl I have ever met.  She'd almost never talk, and when she did, she would whisper so quietly that she was practically just mouthing the words.  She's so much more confident this year, so she's just a little chatterbox now.  Today she came up to me after I hung up from a phone call and said to me "Give me your phone." I looked at her and said, "No, Ito.  You do not tell people to give you things.  You say 'can I please have?'"  So she said, "Oh, ok.  Can I please have your phone?"  "Nope."
I explained to her why she couldn't have it, and she just hugged me and ran off to play...I thought it was cute :)

This afternoon the girls were supposed to have driving lessons with Louis, but he wasn't able to teach them today.  So instead, I gave each of the girls a passage from the Bible and had them work on preparing a Bible study that they will lead at another time (thanks for the idea, Sarah and Kevin!).  I also told them they should try to use that passage as a lead-off for a message/sermon, if they are ever unexpectedly called on to preach.  They spent the rest of the day working on that and then got off at 5pm.

By that time, Mason came over to visit, so I made him a Dutch Oven Pancake for dinner...then Dietra stopped by (yea!  it's been forever since we've done dinner together!), so I made her one too.  Then it was time for prayer and share with the other missionaries.  It was a great session tonight; I left feeling so refreshed and ready to take on the world :)

Well, I hear the girls at the door.  Gotta go workout!  The hubby is coming in 2 weeks...gotta look good!

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