Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cultural Day with the Interns

One of my favorite days I had as an intern was our cultural day (you can read about it here).  We went and visited clients of Mercy Ministries (a department of LBOM), we visited the kgosi (the chief), we had a traditional lunch, visited the museum, and went for a walk.  Today was the day my interns got to do their cultural day!

It definitely went differently this time around.  Our first stop was the kgosi; however, due to a death in the family, he couldn't be there, so we rescheduled that for tomorrow.  After that, we went to the museum, and then went to lunch.  The girls loved the traditional food (seswaa, pap, semp and beans)...and then it was time for the mopane worms.  It seems that the people of Maun are pretty divided on these things.  Some people love them and eat them like chips...other people just hate them.  Mopane worms weren't around when we were interns, so I'm glad to have the chance to at least try them this time around.

It was not good.

Heather and I really struggled with keeping the worm down...I almost threw up several times.  At least I can now say that I have done it!  To be honest, the taste wasn't bad.  It was the texture- way too chewy!

After we finished eating worms (actually they're caterpillars- and quite beautiful when they're alive), we ran back to the plot to change into our swimsuits, and headed to the river.  This was my first opportunity I have had out here to go into the river, which is actually a trickle down part of the  Okavango Delta.  We were able to take a ride in a mokoro, which is a thin, dug-out canoe.

Omogolo, our guide and newfound friend for life (or the rest of the time we're in Bots), took us out 4 at a time.  While we were waiting for the first group to come back, Zhie and I went for a swim, and she made necklaces out of the water lilies; pretty cool!

After our time in the Delta, we stopped at the Backpacker's Lodge for some drinks and then headed back to the plot.  We got home around 4:45; busy day, but so great!  Had a blast with Zhie and the interns.  Tomorrow morning we are taking off bright and early to head back to the kgotli to meet with the kgosi. Should be a great day!

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